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Animal Motions In Action!
Have a favorite animal or part of the book to act out? Let us know at
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What People Are Saying About Animal Motions: 
Watch Animal Motions In Action:

Here's people just like you having fun acting out the book!
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(She's also kept very busy—here she is reviewing the lesson plans!)

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Melissa and her niece Addison (age 3) are having fun being the bunny who's hopping in a grassy field!  

Melissa had a lot of fun creating these and all the other animal poses for you to act out in the book.

What's your favorite animal and pose to do?  Let Melissa and Zoey know!
Look at more fun they are having being the...

And hungry bear climbing a tree to eat some honey!
Soaring eagle...
Scared cat...
​Stretching Your Body and Imagination! 
     “I am 29 and I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE this book! The author, "Miss Melissa," was my drama instructor in Chicago when I was younger and reading this book and following along with Eric's activities brings me back in time to her high energy drama class. I also have a two-and-a-half-year-old nephew who loves Animal Motions.  This book is a great tool to teach him about animals, and he has a great deal of fun playing along.  
     Animal Motions is great for all skill levels and age groups. My eight and nine-year-old neighbors also have fun with Animal Motions. While playing along with the main character, Eric, they have created their own game of "Animal Motions" that they often play instead of watching TV or playing video games. This book is such a neat tool for toddlers and children in elementary school. However, it also gives adults the opportunity to stretch their minds, limbs, and imagination!”
—Meg K., Chicago

“Not all books should be read sitting down… beautifully illustrated.  Parents and teachers will appreciate this book for its ability to teach their children to be ‘creatively fit.’  Pilgrim wanted to awaken the imaginations of young children, which she does very well as she suggests that they ‘soar like an eagle’ or ‘swing... like a monkey.’  And those same children will continue to use their imagination as they request that this book be read to them again and again.” 
—Emily Castilla, Reading Matters Blog (Great Reading for Your Children)